Photoshop background

Is there a way to import an object drawn in Photoshop without the background? Basically I just want the drawing and not the background.

You’ll have to crop out or cut out the background and save the object as an image by itself.

use the extract tool, and trace around the part you want to keep, and fill it in.

yup yup…you want to make sure that while its still in photoshop, you don’t have a background behind the layer your artwork is on (you’ll see the white and gray checkerboard behind your artwork, that means there isn’t a background).

Go to File -> Save for Web, and export it as a PNG. Then Import to Library in Flash, and it should come in without the background!

Eh… extract tool? Is that the lasso?

no, go to Filter and there should be an option close to the top that says extract. click that and it should take you to another screen, where you trace the outline and stuff.

Which Photoshop do you need? I have 5.0 and 6.0 and it doesn’t seem like they have those functions. I mean there isn’t an extract option in the filter menu.

i think it’s in a different coloum in 6.0. try under ‘image’.

select the drawing the best you can and then hit Command+J (Mac) or Control+J (PC). this keycommand will lift your selection from one layer and put it into another.

Make a selection on required image and go to HELP in the top menu and u will find Export Transparent Image ( it’s a wizard )
It will open up and ask u for few settings n will do the image transparent n save it as EPS.When u will open it in illustrator u’ve to goto the OBJECT and then COMPOUND PATH n click MAKE.You will be having transparent image.