|photoshop image/3d

Got bored… made a littel somethin

all photoshop :slight_smile:

and this one is 3d.

alright, thats it…i offically hate you now :*(

So is Diana the big green egg and you are that blue/transparent sperm trying to get in?

dan: short answer yes. long answer YEESS!

but really, they’re both incredible.

i like the first one ALOT

all photoshop…

and i saw your other all photoshop thread too

true talent

Hey Edwin, I think I see penitration! When do you think Edwin Jr. will be due?

Dear everyone, and Senior Mode too,
I have Adobe photoshop 6.0 Installed in my pc,but really is too tough for me to create such Image illustrations, where did yu go?
Filters? Please, such wonders?!

practice and experiment, A LOT

with extra stress on experiment…! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just go nuts man… It’ll come…

[size=1]kinda reminds me of what a snitch might look like if it
were green and magnified (minus the wings).

[for those of you who are not fans, a snitch is from Harry Potter]

sweet image!


Definitely emphasize <B>EXPERIMENT</B>

Practice how to use each tool and see what it does, then work with filters and such to see how they work.

After you get the feel of the program just go completely nuts, scribble here, scribble there, use filters and go crazy to see what you can come up with.

After you go crazy you can tone it down a bit and see what kind of effects you can do with text and stuff:)

Good luck in your journey.