Photoshop Web Gallery Problem

ok… i having this problems of the photos not showing up when i m using the adobe photoshop web gallery when i m insert the swf file to the site…

cos in tat webpage alone has another swf.

so i decide to create a folder to keep the

  • flashobject.js
  • photos.js
  • photos.xml
  • galleryconfig.xml

so my problem is, in 1 webpage, i cant load 2 web gallery

to what i know, is the file directory cant get the right file directory, which result the 2nd web gallery didnt load up the photos.

for e.g
<banner font = “Arial” fontsize = “3” color = “#F0F0F0”> </banner>
<thumbnail base =“thumbnails/” font = “Arial” fontsize = “4” color = “#F0F0F0” border = “0” rows = “3” col = “5”> </thumbnail>
<large base =“images/” font = “Arial” fontsize = “3” color = “#F0F0F0” border = “0”> </large>
<images id = “images”>

if lets say we have another folder after the thumbnails and the images folder

do i put a " …/thumbnails/ and …/images/ " ?
or do i put a " abc/thumbnails " ?

cos even i correct a right file path for it to load the photos. the site still cant load up the photos, but if i open up the swf file alone… the swf file will load up and show up the photos.

or is there another way of doing this ?

geez, i hope u guys can understand what i m trying to say here… cos i m kinda stuck here…