Picture fading with flash mx

Hi, I need help with Flash MX - fading pictures.
I’ve just learned how to fade text. Thanks.
Now, how do I fade one picture while other picture is appearing?

You have to import your image and convert it to a graphic symbol.

Then you do the tween the same as the text.

But to fade another picture in at the same time you need to create a new layer and insert a keyframe maybe halfway through the fade out of the first image (on the new layer) and use that to start your tween. Then do the basic fade tween, but this time you start out with the first keyframe at 0% alpha and ending it at 100% alpha so that it fades in and not out.

Hey lostinbeta, thank you very much. I am going to try it our right away.

Hi again. I can fade both pictures separately, but not as layers, they seem to interact even though I lock layers… What is it I am doing wrong?? Some kind of mess…

have you got each image on a separate layer? with a motion tween, you can only have one thing moving on each layer, so each element must be on it’s own layer (or use movie clips (mc’s) and stuff, but that’s for later on)

so what you want is to have 2 layers, with each of your pictures on a layer (and both pics must be graphic symbols)

then, you set up your first tween like normal, set your keyframes and drop the alpha

with the other pic, have it start off with 0 alpha and tween to 100. Since they are on different layers, they should act independantly of each other :slight_smile:

that’s all there is to it. you shouldn’t need to lock layers, unless you find it easier


Cool. It worked! Thank you Stuart!