Pixel Font Still Blurry?!

Alright I’ve searched through the forums and have done everything regarding how to use pixel fonts and make them sharp and clear.

Here is what I’ve done so far:

  1. Used specified size (8)
  2. Font is on whole coordinates (x,y)
  3. Used static text because I read that Flash 5 has a problem displaying pixel fonts in dynamic text.
  4. Left-justified

I also noticed that the pixel fonts will become sharp when published at ‘low’ quality, however I also have images in my swf file which becomes affected when not published in ‘high’ quality.

If it helps, I’m using font ‘Org_v01’ from http://www.orgdot.com/aliasfonts/

Please help, I’m a newbie. Thanks.

hmm it might be a photoshop pixel font as opposed to a Flash pixel font. There is a difference (though I can’t remember what). Which leads nicely onto - why the hell is Flash so bad at doing fonts? I hope they fix it, cos it really bugs me - you should be able to choose whether it’s anti-aliased or not :confused: