Pixel fonts - hard to tame!

Hi guys. Sorry for posting on this subject, but I assure you that I´ve read many of the old posts regarding antialiasing problems on pixel fonts, as well as the kirupa tutorials, but none of them seem to help me.

Here´s the problem: I´m working in a menu that´supposed to look like this:

In my Flash MX window, it looks good (the antialias is turned off):

However, when exported, the text is anti aliased and looks crappy:

The facts:

• The text is dynamic
• The X and Y coords are whole numbers
• I haven´t scaled it.
• The font size is 9. Multiples of 8 won´t work with this font.
• If I break it appart, it still looks blurry.
• If I render it as static text, it won´t work either.
• If I don´t embed the font, it looks good, but I know it won´t be displayed in other computers where the font is not installed.

So what do you guys suggest ? I read something about Photoshop pixel fonts and Flash pixel fonts (and I didn´t understand quite well what´s the logic behind these definitions), so I suppose since this font won´t work with multiples of 8, it is a Photoshop font. But what does this means ? That it can´t be used in Flash ? Is using a gif the only solution ?

I hope someone can help me ! Thanks in advance