Pixel Ranger

Cool site of a 2advanced employee. Nice photo stuff.

I’m suprised Sharif didn’t link this already.

I was JUST about to link it :P. I hate you!

a mentor of mine actually :). a guy that got me started in flash and introduced me to ultrashock, which lead to here. i love shane.

he redid it? seems like a new design, anyways, just as great as what I remember the old one being!

Wow BP - You are seriously late. This one has been out for a year now.

really?? I could’ve sworn it’s not… there’s no way, cause I haven’t been on the forums for a year

Trust me.

then maybe I’m thinking of a different site…

edit: but I know it was one of the 2a guys

**** i seen this site like 2-3 years ago and the design still has not changed! good stuff though.

Hasn’t changed, and yeah, for probably 2-3 years.

Pretty sweet site, I really like the wire frame stuff in the beggining. I would die for the scource of that site…

is that lostinbeta? his name is shane and I think that’s lost’s name too? and I really really slow?

Yea - the really slow one.

Lostinbeta and Pixelranger are 2 different people :P.

Or are they o.O.

but on pixel ranger’s site he names himself shane, that’s why I thought they were the same person

Dang, first time i’ve been to the pixelranger website in a few weeks, never even saw this website.


That’s slick.

Yes, pixelranger and I are not the same person, despite that we share the same name and love for Flash.

oh :(, I thought I was smart and figured out a secret

That’s like meeting a girl named Britney and asking if she was related to Britney Spears.

well… lost is like one of the best flasher’s on this site, and this is one of the best site’s out there, so I figured it was possible… I’ve never known anybody by the name of shane execpt them… I figured there aren’t too many people with that name. I guess I’m just dumb :frowning:

lol, i am not one of the best flashers on this site. i’m mediocre at best. i just know how to pretend… very well.

And as for why you don’t hear the name Shane much, it’s because it isn’t really that popular, and it’s a girls name (well it’s an ‘any gender’ name, but I hate it, so it’s a girls name and that gives me more reason to hate it).