Please help me

ok guys, maybe someone can help me with this… i want to know if this is possible. If i have a huge website, and i want to be able to change the “news” section without FIXING the whole .fla and exporting, and uploading it, would it be possible to do this without all of this stuff. can this be done through passwords, inputting text boxes, and dynamic text boxes? If yes, how can you do this, is it just a simple thing? Thx for reading my problem

you’re welcome…\r…\r…\r\rj/k, i’ll answer you.\ryou can update news through a text file. you’d have to read in a file through actionscript then output to a dynamic text box. to read in, you’d need to use loadVariables(“text.txt”); read about this function in the help file cause i haven’t used it too much to understand it completely.\rnow, all you’d need to do is update this text file.