Please Help, when swf runs fine, when go up to web doesnt!

I am working on a webpage
when I test my file on my computer my movie works fine (if you go to the website and test the gallery you will se my problem), but when I upload it I start having all kind of problems.
Can somebody help me please.

To be specific I have a menu with photos, when I try them on my computer the pictures actually match the buttons, eassy, but when the page goes up the web I have problems, the computer doesn’t find files and choose any other, which doesn’t make any sence to me.
I would really apreciate any help
Thank you

my email is [email protected]


if i have understood what u r saying then:

try not using “loads” folders…have all the movies in one…


in the loadmovie action type in the full url to the .swf…e.g:

on (release) {
loadMovieNum ("<a href=“",">”,</a> 1);

if i have misunderstood your prob…sorry


I believe that’s where the pb comes from, if everything is fine on your pc, then you should upload the stuff in exactly the same folder-structure on your website.