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i need some feedback on my site. PLEASE tell me what you think!

p.s. yes i am a poor bastard and am mooching off tripod for a free site

Hey kornkid8281,

Don’t worry about mooching off Tripod for a free site. That is what they are there for:) , not to mention I am sure most of us have done it. I know I used to use tripod, 'cause I am a poor bastard too…haha!

About the site. It is pretty good. I am not one that is particularly fond of frames or big fonts, but whatever floats your boat!

if you’re on windows 2000 and are not connected threw dialup and have a static IP, you can host your website right off your computer, add free and lag free. windows has a built in feature to do so, same with FTP and SMTP

i have xp, can i do it with it? if so how?

I would like to know too. It kind of sounds unsafe (hackers and stuff)

I would also like to know…you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours (and if any immature people get any ideas, it was a metaphor)!

Not sure if you can with XP, but 2k has a feature you can install after installing the OS with the installation cds, you may want to try with XP. just go to control panel, go to settings, then add/remove programs. then go to add/remove windows components on the left side. you’ll want to install Internet Information Services (IIS). along the installation, it’ll ask for the cd, pop it in and it’ll install. any questions you may have about using it, email me and i’ll reply. again, this is all from win2k professional

I have Windows XP Professional and I had the IIS on my disc and its installed but now what do I do?

there should be a folder with the directory c:/intepub/wwwroot i believe and that’ll be your primary folder that contains all your htmls and files, you can change the directories, but thats the default.

to actually start the program, right click my computer on your desktop and go to manage. then expand the IIS tab and right click each of them to turn them on, the first is the actual website, the seconds ftp (directory ftproot), and the others an smtp client that allows you to do mail threw your computer.

to connect to your site, others’ll have to use your ip, so do after you enable the program threw the manager. after you enable it, it should move to a taskbar icon, you can enable/disable/pause it from there.

sorry if this is kind of confusing, if you have any questions, reply and i’ll answer

I found everything alright and when put an HTML file named ‘index.html’ into my wwwroot directory folder that you told me and when I type my IP in my browser like this:

Or even when I refer to the index file directly it doesnt work:

Here is a screenshot of the XP look of Computer Managment:

And comments on what you think I did or didn’t do that screwed me up but thanks for all your help so far and I hope this ends up working out!

only downsides to it is of course, you have to have your computer turned on with this program running when you want it to be visible from the internet.

hmm, as for your problem dan, gimme like 15 minutes, i have to reinstall IIS, formatted a few days ago

Sounds good, thanks again for all the help. I’m on a duel T-1 line and I usually keep my PC on and its a new PC with new and updated hardware!

alright, again im on 2k so my options maybe different.

right click on Internet Informational Services, you should have properties under there. you’ll need to set a port for your site, i’ve found that 42 works best.

also, tell me what other options you have in the window that comes up please

I am gonna take a quick 15-20 minute lunch break at work but once I’m done I’ll be back with updated information!

Hey do this to fix your signature/footer:

[swf=" menu=false height=50 width=250"][/swf]

Just change the height and width to what your actual flash footer is!

[swf=“ menu=false height=100 width=250”][/swf]

heh, thanks, i was using [img] and was starting to throw things

ok dan, heres the low down

go to default web site, right click it, go to properties. go to port, default is 80, change it to a port of your choice, again i prefer 42, its a non hacker port and works well.

you can also change other settings in there like the error messages people receive from your site, the default directory for your files, custom headers and footers that are automatically added to your files, and much more, just play around.

same goes for smpt and ftp, all the options work the same and are easily changable.

now, after you set your port, you’ll use http://yourip:port to connect to it.

any problems reply, i have no life, i’ll be here