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Hi. for a few weeks now Steve doebler and I have been hard at work developing a highly interactive site. as of now i cant release any info on the project…not even the name… but i can hint on something, The site will be very user oriented (ie. backend) so please go to this link idiom.student.umd.edu/steve/ to register your user name and password b4 people take the cool ones.

I am now eyeinthesky


Yo Phil, get out of my eyez! At least you didn’t steal eyezberg, thank god for small favors! What about t7?
So, Edwin, when’s this gonna be up?

yeah… we’ve all been pretty patient… Give us a release date. :slight_smile:

Hey ! I’m now Ilyaslamasse ! That’s so cool.

pom 0]

Phew, Kirupa was not taken! :slight_smile:

the release will be for the summer 2002, so sometime around mid May.

RenaissanceGirl was too long so I went with PixelSensei… but now that I think about it, I probably should’ve gone with Rengirl since that’s what people usually call me… ****it!

Well, I’m glad IamNotJubba was not taken.

I took Rengirl. I’ll sell it back for a price…Make me an offer…


im good 'ol tdfwrestling…

is the site a flash site?


I’ll give you these six magic beans for it!

MeHoo of course =]