Please tell me what you think

Hello All,

I will be launching this site in a few weeks and wanted to get your input.

Be gentle :slight_smile:

The inital Flash is just a holder for something I am developing. I know it looks very 9-year-old-ish

Thanks Again


well, to be honest, im not a big fan of the green, and green is serisously a hard color to pull off when your going for the corporate “feel”…im just taking a design stance here, but other than that, the over all look of the site is simple, but cool, you may want to center the text in the two right frames, or maybe not center it persay, but at least off set it from the edge a little more. i think i figured out what it is i dont like about the green and theis just might help a little, but do you see how there is no border around the green but there is around the other “frames”? you might want that to be consistent and maybe ill like it more, but what do i know?

Pretty good. I also don’t like the green but mabye that wasn’t your choice. A nice light blue would have looked good. When I think “medical” and insurance I don’t think green. But all and all a preety good site. Is the site on a frame set?

No the website is not on a framset.

Regarding the green I feel the same, however those are the corporate colors I had to adhere to :-\

But good colors/bad colors…

it all equals $$ to fix my poor DeVille who has more problems than Osama in NY city.

Thanks for the input.

OK, I didn’t think so. How do you load your menu then? Is it rebuilt on every page?

Ya I fugured so about the colors. Sorry they put you through that but $ is $ :slight_smile: