Pop-up Blocker = theft?

This article is a little old, but I got a laugh out of it. Check this out:

aurelian writes "It’s official: using browsing the web while blocking pop-up ads and other such exciting website enhancements is theft. Anti-leech.com are offering to protect your site from browsers blocking pop-ups (or ‘theft tools’ as they call them) - just try stealing from them with your favourite pop-up free browser.

We have determined that you use pop up blocking software. This site is provided for free and depend on an income from these pop up ads. By blocking them, you make it impossible for us to continue keeping this website online for free. Therefore, you will not be able to access this website again until you uninstall or de-activate your pop up blocking software.

Close your browser window, uninstall your pop up blocker and come back here to visit us.

How ridiculous was that?

Almost as ridiculous as suing someone after you rear ended them because they made a full stop at a stop sign.

lol has that happened?


wooow :crazy:

that’s as ridiculous as an old lady suing a microwave company because the microwave didn’t have a sign that said “cats are not to be dried in here!”


or the lady who sued MacDonalds because the coffee was too hot?

and won…


or the guy in starbucks who lost his John Thomas to a toilet seat

I think you speak of an Urban Myth there coppertop…

can you show any news items on it?


Vash… As in Vash the Stampede? Sorry didn’t mean to derail the thread, just was wondering for a while now. =)


I think I would be willing to endure a few pop up ads if the site really had something good to offer me…I occasionally click on the banner/pop up ads of free sites that I want to help keep alive.

but calling my pop-up blocker a theft tool is ridiculous


*Originally posted by reverendflash *
**I think you speak of an Urban Myth there coppertop…

can you show any news items on it?

Rev **

Er, no I can’t. I heard about this in grade 6 (3 years ago) from just about everyone at once.

yup, prob an Urban Myth…

lots of those kinda stories about…

good ol’ internet…


It’s probably true though… So many stupid people in the world, so many people suiing…

Now… here is the enlightening question…

Is the person who is suing for their “stupid” act really stupid or are the court systems just as stupid for allowing them to sue in the first place?

This pop up blocker thing is funny though… And technically if they are checking out your browser settings without permission they are accessing your hard drive without permission and therefore is accountable for some sort of pending legal action as well… Might only get $10… But hell… That’s a value meal plus dessert at Burger King! :beam:

$10 bucks closer to what you wanted to buy.

but this is crazy, i <3 my built in popup blocker with safari and <3 my google toolbar here in IE for my winBox.

I like my pop-up blocker: http://www.panicware.com/popupstopper.html

I don’t bother putting in a pop up blocker… I just don’t go to sites with pop ups to tell you the truth… Even if it is a useful site, if it’s annoying… Screw it.

Playa, I agree.

If i’m bombarded with advertisements, i don’t return.

I use mozilla firebird which blocks popups.