Portfolio Test

Hey guys!

Just wrapped this up maybe a week or so ago, and with the holidays and all I really haven’t had time to test everything, so please let me know if everything works!

All comments/questions/rippings appreciated!


Thanks for the feedback Phil!

You’re not the first to complain about the text… I’m just not quite sure exactly what to do to fix it. I mean, I’ve tested it out on 2 machines besides my own, and I found it very easy to read (then again, I created it and I’m very used to the fonts I’ve used :slight_smile: )

As far as the “darkness” of the site, I can’t really help that… I’m kind of in a “blue period” right now… so that’s kind of where my head’s at right now as far as color schemes and the like. I’ll try re-doing it with brighter and fuller colors!

Now, as far as the graphic display boxes, I’m a bit unsure about exactly what u mean… please clarify. In the main window I kinda see what u mean at the top, as I noticed that when I was creating the site, but I couldn’t figure out how to correct it since the entire box was created with 1pt. lines all around!

Thanx for the input!! More is always welcome!

Oh, and I don’t even remember how I found Kirupa… I’ve been hanging out, observing and learning for a few months now (I just started with Flash and Photoshop about 4 or 5 months ago).

Well, thanx again!! :slight_smile:

i think the colors and fonts are pretty easy to read, its just that i think the buttons (when you click on flash, you get the up and down buttons), i think those are slightly big and plain, maybe you could change those in a way…?!

Everythign else is pretty nice, other than the Times new Roman font (i think…!?). You should probably change that because it doesn’t seem to match your color theme!