Postkard logo part 2

here was the previous post

So I changed the font, it resembled too much with bluenotes clothing text, not that the one here isn’t similar, but it’s not to distinct, I believe.

As PadduDuke pointed out, the logo resembled closely to something else, and looking around it resembled too with akademiks as well, and actually other things I never quite saw at first.

I kept the same concept, though changed the logo to something closer to the “postkard” name, the letter “p”.

Im pretty set on these ones, it’s just a matter of choosing, but just figured what others might think of these ones.

I’m leaning more towards the Group A (the second one) or the Group B (first one).

color will change, I simply wanted to start with the black and white version to keep in mind that it may be printed BW. This way I stick with something simple and flexible and hopefully iconic. Also, BW always allow me to play more close attention to the shapes and lines, to look at things in its bare bones.

People got me thinking about B2, so I figured I’ll see what I come up with. I just want to see what others think of these ones. Now i’m choosing between the a2 and c1.

Those who did like the old B2, would you prefer it flipped as it is now in b4?

still like A1

Now I like a2 the most:P

B3 & C2 :smiley:

b1 & c1;)