=- Preloader blues -0

Im having HUGE issuse with this preloader thing.

I want to have a preloader for my main site and i want to have a preloder for the section also. Can i do all of this in one swf?

Finally i tried using the components preloader turtorial and im still stuck. I downloaded it and everything. Can someone help me out here?!

1)What do i need to do to set it up (create new mc or scenes)
2)how do i preload a section in my movie do i need to make that section a new swf?



if you want to preload different parts of your movie it has to be cut up into different swf (unless there is a way I am unaware of) - and this is really the way most sites are put together. I definitly recommend it. Just add a preloader for your main movie, then have it load different secitons (seperate swf) that have preloaders in the begining of them. If you need help with the actual coding of the preloader just ask.


the preloaders that are infront of a loaded movie dont display untill the movie is fully loaded…or at least thats wot happens with mine…

yea i need the code for the actual preloader. I need to do the one that has the bar fill up.

Ive been told i shouldnt use componenets so i need to learn another way.


eh i added a preloader but im not sure it works. It didnt appear when i tried the site online and hwne i saw it through flash it only appears at 50% Help!


for a preloader that has a bar fill up, first make the bar MC. Make it 100 frames long to keep it simple. Frame 1 should have a tiny sliver of the bar then in frame 100 scale it to full length, then creat a shape tween between the frames.

Now place that MC on your stage and give it an instance name of ‘bar’

in frame one on the main stage put this code:
ifFrameLoaded (“Scene 2”, 1) {
gotoAndPlay(“Scene 2”, 1);
frame 2:

If you want it to display the percent currently at add this code to frame 1:

percent_show = percent_done+"%";

Then also place a dynamic text box on the stage with the variable name ‘percent_show’

Hope this helps