Preloader Delay Problems

I have my site set up with a html enter site page. When you click to enter the site you go to my preloader scene. The problem is by the time the preloader shows up your half way through the loader. How can I make my loader showup then start to load the rest of the site? Do I need a preloader for my preloader?

Do you have components or embeded fonts in your movie? Because it might be the reason.

pom :asian:

No components. All Dynamic Text nonembeded. If you view my site you will see waht I mean. when it goes to the loader it takes 3 sec’s before it shows up. By then the loader is close to finished. This kind of defeats the perpose of a preloader. Any thoughts?

I have the same problem as well, except my movie is a lot larger, it takes considerably a longer amount of time to load. I’ve got quite a few components … if that’s the cause, how can it be fixed?

or can it even be fixed?

you know… another thought on this might be…

create an unseen preloader which preloads until the preloader is done loading, THEN starts everything else loading.

not sure if I’m explaining that right… it’s sort of a flittering thought, more so than a real explination, at this point.

HMM … i sort of have an idea from what u said, but …

if i have an unseen preloader that will ‘preload’ my movie, then what will the real preloader do? everything will already be preloaded, and the real preloader will zip by real quick …

also, what i was thinking was, if the preloader component doesn’t work, then what makes u think a preloader created from frame actions manually would work?

i haven’t had time to test this since i’m at work, but i think u are right in that this is just a flitter of an idea ; )

if anyone can get this idea to work, it would be great !!

oh no… I meant to have a preloader for the preloader which in turn preloads the movie. I know that sounds redundant, but sometimes in programing redundency is a good thing.

I’m going to see if I can produce what I’m thinking of here. It might be a good addition to my preloader.

I know exactly what you mean david. If i build just a grey scene with a frameloaded goto 1 action it would only show for like the 3 seconds it takes for my real preloader to load. Once it is loaded then I can view my real preloader in all its glory.

Thanks for the idea:) =) :stuck_out_tongue:

eh ?
i think i missed something …
could either one of u elaborate for this slow thinking person that i am … : )

well basicly you will have two loaders. A mainloader that loads your actual site and a subloader that loads your mainloader.

You will three have scenes in you fla. One with a subloaeder that the user never sees. It will most likely be a background color thats consistant with your site and 2 frames of action script nothing else. This loader will only last like three seconds. It will check to see if your mainloader is loaded if it is not loaded the it will go back to frame 1 and just loop showing nothing but your background color.

Once your mainloader is loaded then you will see it start to load your site. You will now see the main loader if you say have a precentage bar from start to finish instead of the middle like it used to.:slight_smile: