Preloader Driving me nuts

Ok this is freakin killing me…I made a preloader by making a new scene and then setting action ifFrameLoaded(“Main”,315) nextscene (); play(); …but when i play movie, the preloader doesnt show up untill the whole thing is loaded, defeating the point of the preloader…please help or im going to be bald from stress pretty soon

I’ve got a similar problem with my preloader as well … but i used the preloader component in Flash MX.

I’ve got 2 scenes, the first being the preloader.
The second one being the main part of my movie which is fairly large (750kb).

The preloader scene only has the preloader component on the first frame. the second frame is empty. i followed the tutorial of the preloader component on this site.

The situation is this:
When the movie loads up, it’s all empty. After a long wait, the loader bar shows up and at this instant the loading is done a bit more than half way (400/750 kb) and from here, it’ll continue to load.
My question is, why is the opening 400kb not showing the loading bar? and how would i correct this?

If anyone wants to see it, it’s at
but it only is online when my computer is on.

Well seeing as this is the FLASH 5 forum, you should maybe take your post to the FLASH MX forum, but anyway not to be an ass but why hasnt anyone responded with anything yet???

sorry… sometimes we are busy people here. Tell me… why haven’t you used the search feature on this site to read the DOZENS of past articles on preloaders; considering we’ve covered almost every problem associated with them by now.

ok… I was poking fun by being an ass above. :stuck_out_tongue: don’t take offense please. I will look at your question and see if I can come up with some sort of help for you.

Mostly when we don’t answer it’s because we’re burnt out from answering questions all day long. A lot of us work and stuff so please be kind and bear with us ok? :slight_smile: We really do answer questions with greater regularity and speed than most other Flash sites I’ve seen.

This really is a very common problem. Even my preloaders don’t work all the time, and I wrote a tutorial on the subject. Here are some hints to help you out.

Question for you to answer. Do you use the bandwidth profiler in the test mode? second question, do you know how to set it to show streaming? (ie to imitate a slow connection speed so that you can see the download as it would occure online.)


A) make the preloader itself as small as possible. Some people like to add games and music and stuff like that to their preloader… but even small animations can cause problems. Until you know exactly what your preloader is doing, or not doing, I suggest leaving it as a simple bar percentage loader. Just script and one single frame movie clip needed for that.

B) I would not use play(nextScene); It doesn’t work correctly in all situations and I simply find it to be cumbersome in opperation. I would use a frame label, and then tell the movie to goto that frame label and play.

If neither of those two suggestions help, please feel free to email me the file at [email protected]. I’ll see if I can optimize it into working.