I’ve got this problem with my preloader.
I’ve got 2 scenes, the first being the preloader.
The second one being the main part of my movie which is fairly large (750kb).

The preloader scene only has the preloader component on the first frame. the second frame is empty. i followed the tutorial of the preloader component on this site.

The situation is this:
When the movie loads up, it’s all empty. After a long wait, the loader bar shows up and at this instant the loading is done a bit more than half way (400/750 kb) and from here, it’ll continue to load.
My question is, why is the opening 400kb not showing the loading bar? and how would i correct this?

If anyone wants to see it, it’s at
but it only is online when my computer is on.

I used the component for one of my animations, It seems to work fine when placed in the first frome of my 1 scene documant.

Do you have an embedded font or lots of components in your movie? 400 ko seems a lot for an embedded font and components, but who knows…

I do have other components too, but why would that make a difference?

The preloader is supposed to show the user the loading process whatever the size of the file is tho, no ?

The preloader is the only thing on the canvas in the preloader scene.