Preloader Question

Okay, I have my movie, with several large scenes. Actually the whole movie (in .fla format) is like 25 megs because it is so complex… obviously i need to alot time for loading. i think the .swf is like one or 2 megs, but still that’s a lot for a busy server.

Now, I have never done a preloader or “loading” screen really… so what is the best way to handle this? load the entire movie with a preloader or load each scene with a “loading” progress bar? and how do I do the “best” method? is there any tutorials y’all could point me to?

well There are alot of tutorials on written by myself on preloaders so ur ok for that i would say pu one on each scene so it breaks the whole loading progress up abit because peoplewill bore easily if it loads 2meg all at once but depending on how big each frame is people wil get sick of loadin all the time


You can use the newbie way (components) or the longer way and make a custom one that is unique to your site; If you chose choice one then look at the preloader compnent tutorial but if you want to make your own reply back!

i would say mke ur own i only use componenets for convenience its easier to bang one of them in than write my own but or a big move u want a loader that grabs attencion


I looked at your site novatake and notice you did a ‘remake’ of the random motion tutorial based on supra’s code and the site’s tutorial and never gave or yet even the author (supra) credit which I think is completely ridiculous, I’m sure you are just trying to help but not giving credit to those who deserve it is not good ‘sportsmanship’ in the flash game!

well i have a link 2 and used to hve the banner but yeah i forgot bout superbreener i have to say once i get my dreamweaver working ill add a thank u to both kirupa and to superbreener thanks for pointing it out ill try to get it uploaded asap


ok, just wanted to make sure =)

I wouldn’t think of you as someone to take credit for others’ work but had to at least comment in question.

yeah i never rip off work completely forgot about it kirupa has seen my site o he must know but yeah i will asap add recogniton to every1