Hy, I’ve a questio about a Preloader.
I’ve two SWF.
The first (A) is a preloader
The second (B) is the site that contains 7 frames.
Only when the 7 frame of B is loaded, A tells B gotoAndStop frame 1…
That’s all…

What’s your question? I’m not sure if I understand what you’re having difficulty with.

The SWF called A is a Cicle Movie clip and is only a Preloader.
This SWF control if all the frames (7) in the SWF B are loaded…
if yes then A stops playing and B starts.

There are TWO SEPARATED SWF. A and B.

When Online I will enter the site the first SWF that will be loaded will be A (the preloader) then only If B wil be all loaded A tells B to play.

How can I get this?

I’m not sure how you would do that, but I can make some guesses. One more question before I do though.

are you using the loadMovie command to load movie b into movie a? or are you using loadMovieNum to load movie b into a new level above movie a?

I’m using loadmovie to load B in A

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