Printing problems.........yes, again!

id like to know what all the pros are doin as far as setting up documents and printing goes

these are some complications ive run into—

when i open a new document, i set the width and height to whatever i want, set it to RGB, and usually set a reso of 200-300 dpi.

then, after i do all the work on the image and go to print, the preview looks so **** tiny and the only way to get it to a decent size is to enlarge it by 200% or so.

should i not be working in 200-300 dpi - i was under the impression that this is how u get maximum print quality(especially with small fonts and such)

Also, sometimes ill create something entirely in RGB, then switch to CMYK to print and notice a slight color change - slight, yet still annoying
does this mean i should start in CMYK mode, doesnt that limit my color options or something?

No, I believe the color change in CMYK doesn’t effect the printing…not 100% on that though, never tried.

Also, printing in 300dpi will look like a different size. A monitor can view at 72dpi at default, so 300dpi will look completely different in the way that your monitor displays it.

It should print the same though. Also preview is just a preview, viewing it at 200% just shows the preview at 200%.

Again, not 100% sure on any of this, I have never printed from Photoshop (no color ink right now to test it out either).

Good Luck :slight_smile:

thx lost

When you create a new document in Photoshop, enter the width and height in inches (or centimeters… whatever measuring unit gives you real-world dimensions) rather than pixels, and then 300 dpi and in color mode CMYK. This should give you a better idea of what the print size will be. You could resize it later, but that could result in quality lost.