Quality of PS pics and printing

Hi everyone,
i just bought a canonS900, supposedly a really good printer, some great photo paper, and would like to start printing out my work with some really nice detail and quality.

Printing out of Photoshop–what is the best size? resolution? file type to save it as? printing options? or should i print out of PS in the first place?
any input on how to print out the BEST image would be appreciated


yes… if you have photoshop, that’s the program to print out of. You want a completely uncompressed image when printing… ie do not print a jpg and expect any kind of good quality. If you are creating the work in photoshop, then the psd is a fine uncompressed image to work with.

CMYK mode is used for print. You should switch to CMYK mode before printing, but remember that it will look a little odd on your monitor. Do not attempt to adjust it’s brightness or tint levels after you’ve moved to cmyk mode. Only edit in RGB mode. Basicaly you just have to get used to switching back and forth.


Hi neo-Clone01
Like David I also switch to CMYK for print purposes, but I find that saving my image as a tiff and exporting it into freehand with a high resolution (depending on the image) of between 150 to 300 gives great results as I am also using a canonS900 printer and often print onto glossy or matt photo paper:bandit:

thanks guys - learn somethin new every day on this forum

i dont have freehand - any other prog i can export to

A giant congrats on your Canon! I just got one recently too and I couldn’t be more happy. In any case, I find that printing with in CMYK and with a resolution of AT LEAST 300 produces the best quality prints. If you have art work that isn’t this high in resolution - it’s ok. Just convert it and run the unsharpen filter.

Also, a not so related tip: if you happen to have a Costco membership, get your photo/glossy paper there. I got a pack of 100 high quality Kodak sheets for $20.

thx **** thats a great deal, gotta head over to costco asap!!

sidenote: just curious, where are u located renaissance girl? anywhere near New York?

Unfortunately, I reside from the land of pollution and the worlds most shallow people - Los Angeles. Hopefully, this will change soon.

pretty funny , i would love to live in cali

I like living in California too, but I’d rather live outside of LA and Orange County. I might transfer to San Diego soon. San Diego is like the big city with the small town feel. I could go for that.