Problems with Flash "Mailer" combined with CGI script

Grrr seems like I need help every single freakin day now. When I have finished my site I have some serious learning to do in CGI/PHP/ASP and actionscript. Anyway enough ranting…

I was following a Flash 5 tutorial at Flash Kit .com on how to create a “mailer” in Flash combined with CGI pearl script.
Basically I want users of my site to be able to mail me directly from my site by filling out a form.
I have followed the tutorial accurately twice, neither time could I get it to work.
I think the problem may be with the CGI, but this is the first time I have ever used CGI really. I am sure a lot of the more experienced flashers here have made something similar in the past, so I aml hoping someone can help me!

The tutorial for the flash is here :

My Files are attached.

Note : the .lib file the tutorial says not to change.
I am not bothered about how it looks right now, I just wanted to get it working. I have variables in the Flash script on the movie clip layer.

My server only supports PHP 2.2, otherwise I would have used PHP.

You can see the problem here: - doesn’t get to the point of sending the mail.

Thanks in advance!

Haven’t looked at the files (yet), but just to make sure:
1/ you are allowed to run cgi’s on your server?!
2/you did chmod the script to give it all the permissions (read/write) it needs?!

If that doesn’t help, i’ll take a look…

  1. yep
  2. yep

doesn’t work for me either.
have a look at this:;action=display;threadid=1624