I’ve been having problems getting this page to load recently, is anyone else suffering the same? About 3 times out of 5 all I get is the Page Unavailable rubbish that IE chooses to chuck at me.

Doh… :-\

Perhaps it’s goblins.

Like the ones that are in my washing machine that see to it there’s always an odd sock in every wash.

Or a pair of blue pants in with the whites.

I think it is little angry men running around the server and spitting. Then they say “Nya, Nyany, Boo, boo to you kirupa forum.” Because they are super duper jealous. Silly little angry,jealous, goblin men from the Philipines, who steal Kit’s socks. Can’t we all just get along little guys?
Very sincerely pleading,

They chew holes in my socks as well. And James’ jeans, as he discovered when he sat down and found a hole in a potentially embarrassing place.

Steering the conversation away from my laundry however, today I don’t seem to be experiencing problems. Perhaps just a minor glitch.

Yeah, the forums seem to behaving well today…(dances around the room). Then again, the day is still young and tomorrow is another day lol.

Kirupa :asian: