Proffesioonal page design

During my experience of Flash and Html I have out some major
points that make a look “proffesional made”. One thing is with
the fonts, try to just use the same font on every header, just different sizes. Another thing is the use of kerning. I belive 1 point kerning of the menyes make them look good !!! Using the grid and rulers is also one thing that helps U a loot for the design. As with colors, pick like 3 - 4 ones and use just them !!!
Amother Good thing is to sketch the hole page down on a paper before starting withn it. The same for the animated windows that maybe appears on the page !!!

Anybody else having similar tips to make a page look proff, If so Im interested in them !!

I agree on your methods weiron, but why are you posting it in the MX section? just curious. :beam:

Hey, if you’re bored check out my fla source in the “MX HELP” section…

Development Tip:

Sleep with you’re best friends girlfriend… WOW!!! Talk about a “development”

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I don’t know bout websiting developement but that’s a good one on the “to-do list” of mine… j/k

Anyways… Well Umm… Make sure it appeals to the audience you are serching for… If you design a page that’s about tires but you wnat Flash people to visit it… Forget it…


Because I was stoned i guess, Sorry !!!

*Originally posted by weiron *
**Because I was stoned i guess, Sorry !!! **

Nice to know a druggie is giving tips on how to be “professional” in designing :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


After looking at your works at your page I believe you need some green to make your artistic parts come out. No offense but, your portfoolio and your page wasn´t very impressive. A typicall guy that know lots of code, but has no feeling for design !!!. But at least you tried !!! HE

Ack… don’t call me beta-x… I so can’t wait to release the new version where that isn’t even mentioned.

As for my work… everyone is entitled to their opinion :slight_smile:

I get lots of e-mails from people complimenting me on my work and telling me I should definitely be going to school for that stuff. Not just from “average” people but from people who have been in the biz for a while.

Im not great, but I don’t suck either IMO.

Maybe its because I don’t use drugs for my creativity :wink: It all comes from my mental issues (got a few of those BTW)

The best advice I can give someone on keeping a site professional looking is to keep the design clean. Trying to put too much can on a page be a fast downfall. Keep it simple.
Also, if you are really wanting something professional, use spell check. I noticed you seem to have a slight problem with that.
You shouldn’t come out being critical of others when you are looking for advice…
Good Luck with your professional site.

Reminds me of the age old saying… “K.I.S.S” (Keep It Simple Stupid).

I have been told that many times and it is some of the best advice for professionality.

When building a professional site you must make sure your site is simple enough to be navigated by even new web viewers. After all, not everyone is computer literate, and having a site that confuses them can be a downfall.

Good point to make jillymo.

yeah i agree…keeping a site simple and uncluttered make it professional…

and the occasional creamy bong hit isn’t bad…just don’t let it interfere with the work you do…:flower:

OMG… that smiley will haunt me forever… LOL.



nothing you can do about it flower boy :flower:!!

lol :stuck_out_tongue: jk

Unfortunately :frowning:

But I am not going down without a trout fight!!!

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i dunno…

there smilies are getting pretty crazy…



but lib – I like your work!!

especially your experiments in flash and that one battle with mdipi

Thanks Pewter :slight_smile:

np :flower: