Programs You Cannot Live Without

I thought I’d pay tribute to all the programs I honestly cannot live without by listing them here, by order of importance:

[]Launchy - launch any program, open any file, or go to any web address without hands leaving keyboard
]VirtuaWin - virtual desktops to categorize windows without hands leaving keyboard
[]Vim - powerful editor without hands leaving keyboard
]Enso - similar to Launchy, but I use its functionality where I can type the process/window name to switch to it without hands leaving keyboard
[*]Winamp - best music player ever that can be controlled without hands leaving keyboard

So I’ve got a thing for not using the mouse. It’s inefficient and inaccurate. It also distorts the shoulders by making one side lean forward more than the other.

What do you use that you cannot live without? Don’t put stuff like Firefox or Mac OS X, or you’ll seem more or less like you are a fanboy not by choice but by popularity.

Simply the programs that I work with (in my actual job):

· DIG/Ping/Nslookup
. Squid
· Courier/Qmail/Postfix
· Apache/IIS
· Plesk/Virtuozzo
· Webmin
· Kayako
· Nagios
· Terminal
· Exodus

I couldn’t live without money… The webdesign is in this moment only a hobby :wink:

FL Studio 8 - best software music studio in my opinion - fastest way from my brain to my speakers :wink:
Guitar Rig 3 - best guitar amp sim ever :D[/QUOTE]

LOL matthewjumps, some years ago I was very addicted to FL as well… If you want I can recommend you a lot of incredible vsti’s like PlastiCZ, TC-Works Mercury, Plugsound, etc…