Project IDX in Virtual Reality

Check out my dev environment in virtual reality while testing project IDX! I’m using a Bluetooth keyboard which is not visible here but it’s extremely satisfying! I always wanted to code in Vr!

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This looks really cool! Is there anything that is missing that we should consider adding to IDX to make this more useful?

I always wanted to develop via the browser. This is my first time using project idx and don’t fully know it well yet but will use it more and will come back to answer your question. I don’t know much about it yet. I was looking for a run button to run the html file just like a regular ide but I think I need to install a node server to run the html file locally. I have to read the documentation :sweat_smile:

The HTML file should run automatically. We have a Live Preview that is enabled by default for all web templates. Are you not seeing that?

that would be wonderful to have! I work alot on static html and simple javascript. I would love to see a preview without a server. I want to feel like I am using a laptop. I cannot find live preview anywhere here.

I deleted my original import project from github. I then created a simple web app. That new one had a web preview upon starting up but not my github html file project. I had to delete it and start over with a template from project idx. I would love for it to detect that or let me change templates.

That is something we would like to simplify in the future. In the interim, what you can do is add the same idx/dev.nix file from our template into your github project.

Provided all paths are similar, you should get web previews for your own projects as well.

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I tried to copy the dev.nix to my github imported html project. I still can’t see a preview of my html file after reloading. But the third time I tried, I was prompted to add a dev.nix file at first project import from github. I reloaded the idx project after a reload prompt, it created a dev.nix file but I did not see any preview of my html file.

Is your github project just a static HTML site? If so, use the dev.nix file I use for all of the tutorials on this site:

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yay it worked!

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