Projector on a CD

I created an autorun cd with a large projector file and found that the projector file would not begin until the entire file was downloaded from the CD to the hard drive. Therefore, it would just jump past the preloader that was at the beginning of the flash movie because the whole file was loaded when the projector finally opened up.

So, I thought to make a tiny projector file that loaded a large swf instead. But…I can not get the preloader in the small projector to reflect the progress of the large swf download. The preloader just hangs at 0% until the swf is loaded, then jumps to 100% right before it disappears and starts playing the large swf. However, it works fine when I publish it to a website, just not on a CD. I’m just using a simple MovieClip.loadmovie command.

Can anyone give me any suggestions on creating a dumb little preloader projector that loads and plays another much larger (50mb) swf movie. This will all be produced for a CD-Rom.


I don’t think u’l be able to get the preloader to work on a CD because of the way that windows handles them, i think it has to cache (to swap/ram) the files first b4 it can read them, however this isn’t the same as a browser works. anyway, don’t have the time to explain further, sorry.