Promising Talent : fmdstudio

One of his problems is the lack of animation in the site, he says it’s “designing with motion”, well where the hell is this “motion” he speaks of.

lol, thanks guys for the comments, didnt realise this was posted here till right now :slight_smile:

Hey man, hows the school holidays been? What school you attend?

hey aveceva you posted recently in the site of the week didnt you?

Site looks good, those sides fly outs are a little hard to read, but its a cool site, another thing that i personally think ruins a cool design is those skill level indicators in the ability section, they look like pixelated circles, and the colour purple and light blue are just nasty, i think that section would look much better if they were normal circles or some other shape with different colour fills.

15 though aye… wow:!:… nice to see you representing Australia as well… hehe :wink:

Holy Shnyps! 15!? --that little punk…

i attend cherrybrook tech in nsw :slight_smile: school holidays ahve been wasted away (scuze my bd typing, arms are tired from riding…riding bike, a bike…:P). cause ive been llike sleeping at 1am and waking up at 2 pm. losing a lot of time :frowning:

i attend the highschool in cherrybrook :slight_smile: school holidays ahve been wasted away cause ive been llike sleeping at 1am and waking up at 2 pm. losing a lot of time :frowning:

i went to hornsby tafe for my 3 year advanced diploma in graphic design, i reccomend it, nice tafe, good teachers and some pretty good computers (last time i checked they had a room full of g5’s !)

i want to get into UTS for visual communications

lolz. Your not the only one sleeping late and waking up late. They should extend it took another 2 weeks I reckon :wink: Cherrybrook? Thats way out west isnt it? I go to st. mary’s in the city.

i have no idea if its west or what. all i know is that i live in a place called cherrybrook lol :stuck_out_tongue: ive always failed geography.

Thats an impressive site right there, especially for his age. When I was 15, the websites I was churning out looked not much better than word documents with clipart. His photoshop skills are very impressive and the site in general is very visually appealing. Clean, simple, attractive, and informative, really what all websites should be like. So many modern Flash creatives, are simply TOO creative, loosing the majority of their visitors with “experimental” navigation systems. Business are looking to land clients, not entertain the flash gurus. This kid knows wuts important, and has a very bright future in the business.

what a lovely font on that site, anyone know what font is it?
plz let me know, thanks, site is beautiful…this guy is gona go very far, great idea…my site is all white too…this looks much better…music is nice, impressed!!

its important in the computer world to get started early (kinda like pro sports :frowning: ).

i didn’t even own or turn on a computer til my junior year in high school. so you are doing good kid.

(p.s. not to elaborate too much, but just to defend my skills: i’ve read, slept, ate, and breathed web and print design along with Flash for the last year. my knowledge has grown exponentially).

now carry on. great site!

oh yeah here’s a tid bit of advice for ya, Thomas:

Since your are only 15 and have a beautiful site like that already, I’m assuming you haven’t had many college level design / photoshop courses yet? (Correct me if I’m wrong.) So, generally, everything you’ve done so far is self-taught.

If this is the case, which it was with me, I highly recommend finding a liberal arts college where you can take a lot of business, communication, and computer science (coding) classes. This way, you can be more of an all around accet to whomever you work for.

Why? do you ask, Thomas? Well, in the design world, there really are two avenues: your own business or working for a firm (or someone else in general). Let’s disect it further:

A) If you start your own business out of college (or even during college like I’m doing), you’ll have a strong background in small business management. Every bit of advice I’ve gotten from professionals out in the real world as been that it’s not the design part that’s tough - it’s managing your business. Secondly, you’ll have to do almost everything. This means that you’ll have to communicate with customers, do a lot of your IT work, and code at least a little. Backgrounds in communications and comp science will only help the situation.

B) If you work FOR someone, having a background in business, communications, and comp sceince will only prove to your boss that you are more of an accet to the business. This in turn gives you a little better job security and will boost your pay.

So essentially what I’m trying to say is that your portfolio is what lands you a job. But it’s your background in other areas of a business that will keep you there. So if you have a good portfolio going that’s all self-taught, why not look for a college that offers a broad range of other important areas of study to go along with graphic/visual communication?

Hands down to that kid. He obviously has ‘the eye’ and could do great things if he sticks with it. After all, how many ‘careers’ did you go through between the age of 15 -25?

wow, thanks for the advice kris, didnt know that business management skills were valuble in the design industry :slight_smile: will choose my year11 subs carefully such as: “business studies” :slight_smile:

Since your are only 15 and have a beautiful site like that already, I’m assuming you haven’t had many college level design / photoshop courses yet? (Correct me if I’m wrong.) So, generally, everything you’ve done so far is self-taught.

ive had some dodgy “electronic media” classes where they taught photoshop, but really, it was stuff like “use the lasso tool to crop the head, then the change the color of the hair” and i had some fat laddy that thought she was some critique at an art gallery. I also had a class in multimedia, i just designed a presentation and modelled a rocket in 3DS. Our teacher was cool, “the best way to learn, is to teach yourself, basics are all thati can really share with you”. What a swell guy, gave me an A+ :slight_smile: All these classes didnt give me any additional help or actually taught me anything so i was sort of disapointed, but it was expected :(. Ive foundthatthe best way to learn is to go on these forums :slight_smile: My firest every forum that i joined was but that is down nnow :frowning:

Now who wants to see my first ever flash site, made about…3 years ago? this was seriosuly, got flash out of teh box, first thing :stuck_out_tongue:

lolz why not, I posted one of my first sites in the Showcase forum. With what Kris said, I think your serious being a web/graphic designer and it would be a good start to work for a firm. Since you have done a bit of work already work on that and that way you will see clients coming in. This way you have something to stand on if you decide to work for a studio. Its not just being competent using these skills but also utilise your skills also knowing about how the business/economic field runs. If you become head director for exmaple, you would defintely need those business skills as well as communcation. Adding you have business skills in your resume can also add empahasis that your clearly for the job. Next year you will be in yr 11, why not do a tafe course as well do add to your resume as well a planned college as well.

i just checked out if you look at the bios, thomas, you’ll see that they put a lot of emphasis on listening and interacting with clients. this is a skill you pick up in a communications or business class, not a class that is teaching something on photoshop you already know.

do you see what i’m trying to say overall?

yer i kno what you mean, i think.