Promising Talent : fmdstudio

I think this guy has promising talent. Only 15 but has involved good skills already with graphic and flash development.

Yeah, I agree! I saw this site a while ago in the Showcase & Critiques forum… It’s looks alot like that TheWhiteRoom (or something) site though, I dunno if you remember it?

wow… only 15… impressive… he’s got my personnal awaed of the best site i’ve seen today…

Man, he’s only 15 years old?

Jeez, did he just make me feel old and untalented :frowning: :beam:

this is a good site, but the fuzzy over-exposed look has been done several times. BUt I do like the sense of organization but I would not put this beyond the areach of the average 15 year old.

but the fuzzy over-exposed look

You mean that impact like effect when the site starts loading?

Impressive work. I do feel slightly inadequate now looking at that. I remeber seeing that when he first posted it up. Didnt realise how young he was. Kids eh… Them and their opposable thumbs

agree with ddd, and at 15 thats still a great lead on todays design market.


Nah…how all the edges look fuzzy and out of focus. A real cool effect but I have seen it waay to many times.

I like the site, but he lacks definitely lacks profesionalism talking, u dont have to say ur a mediocre person in ur biography, or when I rollover the flower… saying me that…know what I mean?

Yes! And I’m only 13!



he could be 10 years or 50 but still, me(for example) as a potential client dont want to read that stuff

“I began life like all people do, as a baby” - :sigh:.

Very talented :slight_smile:


I’m 26 and blown away by the work of a 15 year old. Yes, the stuff on the roll-over is not professional, but then his in sophomore year of high school possibly landing clients. I don’t know about you but, I that’s pretty respectable. The Flash experince in years he has is important, but like it’s said, the kid got the jump on a lot programmers out there. Comparing him to 2advanced is not really fair, I like this guys work.

yep, definitely, I love the colors, very good job

Well of course for you guys whose been in the flash web development field for a good while, you would know what things have been done over many times. Hes only 15 so wouldnt it be more likely he would follow the popular trends? Although hes done some things that have been done over but I think he hasnt develop at a deeper level yet, hes still growing talent and thats why i said “promising talent”. Continuing his experience in this field can evolve his creativity and originality, something we havent seen before. But seeing how you guys were saying about all that info in his biography, I dont think he wanted to create the site as “professional” for clients. The site is still mostly a personal playground through his words, the flower (when you rollover). The dope award also suggests that his website is good but still needs to grow. But I dont find anything wrong with his biography. Its his history. I dont think its should always be somewhat professional…

Why do people think that young people can’t develop at a deep level?