Protesting the Protesters

look what it did for Japan with no money spent on military for the last 55 years…


hmm… acctualy japan has one of the biggest coast guards in the whole world… and one of the largest military…

how much has Japan spent each year since 1945? I don’t think that they would consider themselves a US property.

I’m sure you will find that the people of Japan are much better off today than they were under Imperial rule. How about France? They were under Hitler’s regime… Did France become a US satellite? Did Germany?

Don’t get me wrong. I like the fact that people question authority, but does the US really have a history of conquering, or having a puppet gov’t, or changing the culture outright and intentionally? I ask this because, as far as I know, we don’t.


did France become a US satellite? Did Germany?

he’s just saying became stellite “like”. And yes, both of those countries have been explicitly linked to the US for years economicaly. Not until the “Euro” came out has that changed at all, and even with it’s introduction the change is small.

Your country was founded on war, your history is filled with war, and obviously your present contains war.

What do you think is going to happen? The United States is just a very violent, militarily active, and very strong country. There’s going to be more in the future. Already there are hints towards Syria going the way Iraq did.

I REALLY don’t like the protesters that go out and block things and yell things.

I won’t tell you why, but please don’t ‘hate’ me for my opinion, as I have them. I have judged them not only by opinions, but words and actions as well.

Protesters - Don’t piss people off. Why don’t you go fight for the Iraqi’s, leave people like me out of it, and stop insulting good people.

Every time I hear someone yelling out against Bush, my impression of them is dropped to ‘a pest’ or ‘an idiot.’

You can be against the war. I’ve always been open to believing what you want. But when the Jahova Witnesses come to my door, I get a hose and spray them till they run.

That’s trespassing, and I don’t want your religion. Don’t push things opinions on me.

well… actually it’s not trespassing, but I sympathize with you.

I have good freinds who are Jehovas witnesses!
Dude thats just mean!- but I must admit a bit funny!
-Still mean!

And Rev, I am not trying to bash the US. I love this country!
But it has done bad things in the past (and present)

Not ALL bad things just some… in the name of Democracy and to “fight” communism, US has installed dictators and supported terrorist groups all over.
-Zaire, the “president/dictator” was installed just because he said he hated communists.

  • Guatemala, President is overthrown… because of a a CEO of some fruit company there, was the secretary of something in the White house… we overthrew him, put a dictator loyal to us.

I didnt know it either… I just had to look it up. Yes I agree sometimes the best came out of it. Japan and germany owes their economy to america. Not to say they couldnt have done it without us but we sure helped! But some havent been that lucky,

And look up at US battle docotorine:
Not to allow a state or nation to become powerfull enough to chalenge the authority, or in strenght the USA. Thats why they are afraid of the Euro to get to powerfull.

USA, very violent… sure… but so is every other country except jamaica!

Lets not forget Germany pushing two world wars, and how about Russia? And in the Philipines they are always fighting, either the Rebel guerrillas or the aboriginese. And how about in serbia, where they have been killing themsleves since the dawn of time! There is an always was war here… US is just as violent as any other country! The only diffrence I see is that it has been more than 100 years since there was a war on your soil (not counting pearl) … and thats sets you appart…

Omg I just came to an epihany… Maybe that is the problem…
Maybe thats why in the States we are so for war, because there hasn’t been battles here… sure we had 9/11 but that was more of a tragedy than a war. And now I am thinking historicaly, during the first world war, even when germany surrendered the citezens back home felt angry that they did, because they lived relativly well compared to the troops. As they didn’t experiance war… they wanted another one…
And maybe because of that , the US public dosent know what its like to live during a time of war… when it directly affects you…

  • During WW2 David Webster, a USA Paratrooper, 101’s airbrone, Easy Company, A student of Harvard, wrote home answering his mom’s letter: “Why do you want the war to end so early? Why would you want Germany to surrender now? We cannot afford another war, this one must end their lust for war. We have to bring the fighting to their streets, to their homes , to their schools and yards. They must experiance what war truly is…”
    David Webster, during operation Market Garden. 1944.

oh god, here i go.

my boyfriend’s (WhipperSnapper on brother is serving in Iraq right now. His dad is in the peacekeeping troops in Bosnia. I do support the troops and they are doing what they have to and what they took an oath to do. I think the troops deserve the utmost respect. that being said, not all the troops are saints. not in the U.S. military, not in any military.

now as far as bush goes, i don’t like him. i disagree with his administration and their policies. they didn’t go to war to rid iraq or “weapons of mass destruction” because if that was their interest, they would already be in north korea (who has openly said that it has weapons of mass destruction). the U.S. needed a reason to go into Iraq but the real interest is Iraqi oil, which the U.S. will most likely control now that they have ousted Saddam.

the above statement does not in any way mean that i like saddam. he needed to be removed. he definately isn’t a noble leader, but when you think about it, neither is bush.

and the protesters, I wish I could have been in New York when that was going on. I believe that there are smarter ways to protest than causing public distrubances but i still respect the protesters and what they are trying to do.

Like I said, i have my reasons for not supporting them. I mean first of all this aint 40’s where the freedom of the world is at stake, we are puvurising a tin pot dictatorship where the biggest enemy of the US military is the us military itslef! I dont hate the troops or dislike them, and this has nothing to do with if I am against the war or for it.

I just see it as the troops are doing their job. What else should we ask of them? “Thats why they have shiny helmets and guns” (Malhr) They all volunteered to be there, no one was forced in to the army. I really don’t see a single reason to support them. If we support them, lets start organizations to support our Doctors! I mean cmon they have stressfull jobs and everything, so lets go and support them with bumper stickers and hospital flags, how is that any diffrent? Sure the troops can get killed, but how many acctualy did get killed from enemy fire? And thats the risk they where aware of when they joined!! And even if doctors dont really have a high chance of getting shot, they have the insane stress levels, and they have to go for ten years of school before they can even touch a patient!

Just my point of view.

And living in hawaii, I see alot of soldeirs everywhere, and there are SOOO many jackasses in the military its not funny!

just for the record, i HATE bumper stickers.

Yeah me too!!!
But the soldiers on my footer are the ones I always supported…(East front, Western Front and Pacific) included…

the jesus and abortion bumper stickers are the worst. i always wish i could rear end the car with bumper stickers.

and what else do i hate? oh yeah, those little plastic shiny jesus fish that people put on their cars. they’re so stuuuupid. holy ****.

Even jesus would be ashamed to see that…

“Show your love for thee, by sticking my name on the a-ss of your car!!!”

i used to have a little shiny jesus fish on my car… it has two feet sticking out of it, and instead of “jesus” it said “darwin”

i like the ones that make fun of the jesus ones.