Published SWF: Static "Anti-Aliased" text disappeared!

I don’t know whether this has been discussed before and also, been reading the related threads but didn’t get my question answered so here it goes:

I’m building a flash website with fonts that I downloaded from the 'net. Therefore, I’d predicted that my audience don’t have my fonts installed on their machine. But I proceeded to build my Flash 8 movie with my downloaded fonts.

First, all my text in the movie are “static” ones, settings under the Properties Inspector Panel are set to “Device Fonts”. Movie loads fine on my system but on another computer without my fonts, the text shows up as Arial.

Second, I learnt how to embed the font. So I did a test: Made a blank movie with a “dynamic” text setting. The [Embed] button appears and I made it embed only the text that I need PLUS I set the text to the various “Anti-Alias” modes. Final result: I get a flash movie with no text appearing at all.

Third, learnt that the [Embed] button is only for “dynamic” and “textbox” text and that Macromedia Help assured me that I do not need to embed fonts for “static” text. So, same test movie as Step 2 above, I changed the text setting back to “static”. I opened my library, imported my font and gave it a new name “ABC”. Then, I set my text to use the font “ABC*” and gave it Anti-Alias. Final result: Same, no text appeared.

Am I missing something or do I have to result to using ActionScript to force Flash to embed my fonts (which is quite troublesome, IMHO).

Thanks for replying!