Publishing pain!

when i publish an html it takes a very long time to be opened in my browser. i don’t know why this happens. and i have no idea how this happens. please have me informed on what to do.cuz sometimes it does not open at all. b y the way i’m using windows xp

i’m very sorry for not posting soon, i’ve had a very rough month well i guess it might not do us good in posting the file since i forgot to mention that everytime i publish an html it goes like that. i’m the only one that seem to experience this. may i have an advice to solve this?

I’ve never heard of this problem. I use winXP as well.

Are you sure you are publishing the .swf AND the .html file? The .html needs to load in the .swf file, otherwise you will get a page that never stops loading (since it can’t load the .swf file)

If that isn’t the case, have you tried completely uninstalling Flash and then reinstalling it from scratch?

If that doesn’t work, you might have to contact Macromedia, because it sounds like a problem with the files they are publishing.

or…drumroll please


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**or…drumroll please


If you are opening the file on your local system the movie loads asap with or without a preloader :sure:

a preloader doesn’t have anything to do with the speed of the movie loading…

they are just something to keep you interested while the movie is loading. That is all.

I agree with lost, sounds like a path problem. make sure your .swf and .htm files are in the correct place.


i’ve already made sure the two are published yet the problem insisted. but i’ll try reintalling flash tnx!

Make sure You have a “Scripts” folder in Your working directory. It’s needed for the generated HTML to load in Your swf.