Question about creating scanline effects

Hi everyone! :?) I’m new to flash, and I have no idea how to work it (although I have the proggie and have attempted a few times to mess around with it)

I’m starting to design a webpage atm and I was wondering if it was possible to generate several “scan-lines” to run up and down in a horizontal order across my logo that will keep on switching directions at random intervals and varying width, and at the same time dimming the logo at intervals, to generate an overall “tv” effect. Is that possible to do with flash? (i’m thinkin yes but i need someone to verify)
And if it is, can someone pls tell me the steps for doing it? That would be fantastic! :beam:

By the way, I want to ask if macromedia actionscript is hard to learn… I already know html and skimming through one of those “learn in an instant” javascript books, and i find it not too complex to understand.


Nothing hard to doing it simple tweenies if this is what your after.

Regards Barrie

Happy New yr.

mm my flash says it’s “Unexpected file format”

is there something wrong???

FlashMX is what i’m using, If you cannot open must mean your using older verison?

Regards Barrie

mm dunno, im using Flash MX 2004 pro

should i uninstall that and install just normal flash mx 2004?