Ok, I’m not trying to dis anyone, or put anyone down, but why don’t these people pace themselves? Why do they say, “i’m a beginner, but I want to know how to do the hardest possible thing you can imagine, but I’m really having trouble opening Flash.” Or, “I have a basic understanding of buttons, and motion guides I want to know how to make an exact replica of the game Resident Evil in Flash, and I want to do it today!” I still know less than 1% of the possibilities that come with Flash, and I’ve been using it for some time now…and i’m still hesitant to try anything big. I mean, yes the only way to progress is to learn how to do things, but learn in small chunks. You can’t expect to open up flash and be able to create the theory7 website. it doesn’t work like that. I just wish people would limit themselves to their capabilities. But like I said, I’m not here to put anyone down, and if anyone out there is in over their heads, this forum is your life raft. Good luck to you.

Ouch. Sorry, no jub, I feel your frustration but newbies (like me) simply haven’t the understanding of what is or what is not possible in the Flash beginner stages.

Actually, I think that Flash is to blame in that there is SOOO much that it can do, but that it comes with a very steep learning curve. People assume that anything is possible quickly and easily without understanding the amazing depth of the program.

“I just wish people would limit themselves to their capabilities.” What? That’s not going to get anyone anywhere, is it? Let 'em dream, I say and if they love the dream enough, it will turn into reality. :slight_smile:

Come on, no jub. We don’t want this place to turn into one of “those” sites do we? :stuck_out_tongue:

“Defender of newbies agains the forces of jubbanot.”

All I can do is keep creating a method of speaking to them which explains things in as simple a term as possible. :slight_smile:

I’m not trying to be a force to be reckoned with. I myself am a newbie and I feel like everyone should have the right to learn. I’m not trying to make this one of those sites, but I had to stress my disdain with some people. I’m not saying all newbies are the same way. But its those few that want the world turned over to them. Or the ones that ask for the code to do something. They don’t ask how to do it, they just want to code. I would rather someone gave me hints to do something and then i will teach myself. Thats the best way to learn.

I agree…it is partly flash’s fault for having so many @#%$ possibilities, but c’mon do you seriously want them to restrict anything?! :slight_smile: oh well, i’ve said my peace…I hpoe i didn’t offend anyone or scare anyone away.

Yeah, for 2 minutes I tried to give people hints about the solution to their problems, but as they kept asking for the code…

On the other hand, Jules Renard (I could tell you any name, that wouldn’t make a difference) once said : Dream of huge things and maybe you’ll complete very small ones.

Rêve de grandes choses et peut-être pourras-tu en accomplir de toutes petites…

It’s our role (“our” for us, Flash gods that we are) too to show them the right path to follow, isn’t it ? That’s how I see it anyway.

pom 0]

I was thinking the exact same thing Jubs. I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want it to be misconstrued as an “elitist attitude.” It’s just that some people are don’t seem to be willing to work hard or get their hands dirty. I mean it’s easy to find a lot of n00b questions (ie: How do you make a button?) - just do a search on Flash Kit or Kirupa.

Oh yeah t2d, about that “limit to capabilities” thing. I just mean that there is a learning curve, and you must stay on it or you will get in over your head. If just got Flash, and you already are seeking out contracts to make corprate websites, then I think you need some help. Thats a little outragous. Some people just try to do too much too fast. I know how to do some stuff in flash, and I’m actually afraid to learn. When I see a code, I try to figure out what each bit means, and what each bit does, bcuz thats the only way I will learn. If someone just gives me the code, and I cut and paste into my movie and I don’t give it a second look…how does that help me to advance? how does that make me better? because of that I know that CONTROL+C is copy and CONTROL+V is paste, and thats about it. :slight_smile: well, cheers.

That’s what the best of Kirupa is for guys. Let us know if you find a cool post that needs to go in there. Anything can, but what we’re really looking for is a single post that seems to cover all the aspects of one principal or another. That way, all we have to do when asked a question is say…“hey, look here for the answer… if you have any questions after that, then ask.”

Our lives become a whole lot easier then. :slight_smile: