Ran Into Some Other Flash Designers

www. flashtrek .com

Just take out the spaces. I don’t want to direct link as those poor people don’t need to read the posts that will follow mine.

It amazes me the sites that some people pay for. This designer has some flash knowledge, but wow…

I don’t like to bash people’s work, no matter how bad it may be so I won’t comment.

Bah, I’ve seen worse.

Humbug :trout:

t3h r0x0rz!111!

Yeah I didn’t want to just make fun of them, but more a comment on our industry that a person who has skill just isn’t the best at design is able to land so many clients. I’ts a hard industry to be in when so many people build websites, and peoples expectations on what they should get are way different.

:!: … I agree with Digital, don’t want to make fun of other people’s work cause mine was exactly like that at one point.

lol. What’s weird to me is that it seems as though they just stopped learning. Every site is about the same as the other, no worse, no better?

Some people just don’t have the creativity? They don’t look great, but they function and that’s half the job IMO.

Being a good business man ins’t just about skill. You need connections, resources, and know what people want to hear and see.

Agreed with a few posts above. I didn’t take notice to this site mainly because the skill was less than some other great designers, but that they are getting some continual work and like Bill said sort of stopped learning anything different. They are banging out circa 2000 flash sites.

I mean they have some fairly complex things going on, so they have a pretty good idea on how to create sites in flash, just maybe never installed photoshop.

Yeah, that is their main problem. They need something more visually appealing.

They appear to have used the same template for 3 or 4 sites. I don’t know about you but if I was paying someone to design me a web site, I wouldn’t want it to be identical to someone else’s bar some pictures and the colours. They seem to have the coding and building part down. Now they just need to go to design school or something.

echoing ethan and dan on this one - its all about your markey and the surrounding need versus solutions

yeah everyones was… but who gets a ton of real estate sites when they are a beginner… i mean, some companies are just buying from designers just because they can do flash… not how good they are…