Random splash!

well, i’m going to be taking my current version of vmkdsn.com down until i rebuild, and i would like to feature a random splash page each time the user visits my page.

if people are interested, i’d like whoever wants to to submit to me a splash page of their creation to be featured on my site for the time being. i’ll make sure you’re linked and credited, and this may help each of you to get some much-needed exposure, since my site (for some reason) generates a fair amount of traffic.

only one requirement: use the attached logo somehow in your image. feel free to write your site url, name, etc on your splash, although it wont be necessary as i’ll credit you fully.

looking forward to getting some cool submissions!

download the logos here. (includes .psd, .eps, and .ai formats)

ok, Ill make one, but can it say
Art by Michael Ishigaki
in small pixel font?

yep, of course, you’re welcome to.

i’ll make one too… is next week okay? :slight_smile:

yep, that’s great, no rush!

i’m glad that people will be participating with this, it’ll be great to have other peoples art featured…

and no, i’m not just too lazy to make my own, i just thought this would be fun! hahaha :wink:

Well the splash should be somewhat similar to the theme and the colors of the real page! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to make one too… :slight_smile:
It will take sometime though, I’m stuck at work for the moment.

I’ll give it a shot this weekend

thanks guys :slight_smile:

wait you know what… why not do that permanently? We’ll make splash pages for you, like an actual cool looking HTML page, with Enter Liam’s Site or whatever you want on it. At the bottom of it, we could put “guest designer whatever, visit site”

I don’t know exactly what style or size or whatever your looking for, but I did this one real quick. If you like the direction I’m goin with it tell me, and I’ll build on it, if not, I’ll try somethin else.

You might not want to puit your site name on the splash page. that would confuse people and we dont want to steal people from his site.

edit]and once again i didn’t readf the whole first post! FORGET WHAT I SAID! Sorry! :P[edit

lava - great idea! i think i will do that, kinda like they have on australianINfront :slight_smile:

28 and Ishi, great work! I’ll save those right now :slight_smile:

I’m also gonna have a link on the bottom of the page somwhere to enable a visitor to view all of the submissions, your URL’s, etc.

The girl talking on that site scares me :-\

heh, it’s ani difranco, a fairly famous and influential poet…

a friend suggested i put it on there… anyways, the anti-war site will be taken down shortly to put up something weirder, so you won’t have to be scared for long :slight_smile:

It wasn’t bad until she started talking about moonshine running down a giraffe’s throat or something. That’s when I started to get scared. Plus the way she says it is just so dark.