[RANT] Uhh... Lame!


EDIT: As I read on, this seems ridiculous, please, somebody tell me this is a joke…

In no way am I dissing Windows in my rant, you will see. I actually love windows. (Especially for programming!) The guy freaking complains that there is no antivirus shipped with OS X… I wonder why…

this guy is lame:
"The Mini boots up into a stripped-down operating system which Apple calls OS X, similar to the stripped-down WindowsCE OS found on many handhelds. The mini OS is going to be a significant hurdle for many buyers who are used to Windows or have favorite Windows software packages they need to use.* Think of it more as a first computer for your daughter or niece than as a machine to get any serious work done and you’ll get the point of the Mini and its target market.* It might also be the perfect computer for grandmothers or autistic children, for example."*

It depends on what you’re going to do. For example, maybe hardcore programmers may see the Mac Mini as being stripped down, but designers don’t. And OS X, nor Windows XP, is stripped down for somebody like a student. But really, Windows users and Linux users can agree that OS X is no where near stripped-down… It’s in fact being called the World’s Most Powerful Operating System all over the place. And good job by making yourself look like an idiot by saying “It might also be the perfect computer for grandmothers or autistic children”

“There is no Mac version of WeatherBug to check the temperature anywhere in the world.”

Does he know WeatherBug is spyware? And there are tons and tons of programs that can tell you the weather on OS X without the spyware of WeatherBug.

Poor standards compliance: Apple’s Safari web browser often fails to render MSN properly.

I think we can all agree that IE is just plain OLD. Perhaps it’s not Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Mozilla that is rendering everything wrong, maybe it’s the multiyear old version of Internet Explorer. Not to mention Internet Explorer is already packed with the Mac.

Heck, the Internet Explorer icon isn’t even out on the taskbar by default, it’s buried in the c:\applications folder.

Buried in C:\applications? “C:/”? Heak, it’s not even that complex as to have “C:/” in it… I’ts just on the left side of Finder.

"By using cheap Asian child labor to assemble the units, costs have been reduced even further. I would like to see them continue this trend, possibly strike a deal with China to use inmates to assemble the Mini for even less, like Lenovo does."*

Yeah, people will sure believe you when you mock “autistic children” and show views of ethnocentricism.

When I consider that a good deal of my time is spent running applications like Disk Defragmenter, Scandisk, Norton AV, Windows Update and Ad-Aware–none of which are available for the Mac platform–it doesn’t make sense for me to “switch” to a Mac at this time.

Uh, did he really just say that? I don’t think this needs an explaination.

Read the whole article, the things I mentioned are nothing compared to the other stuff he has on there. Can’t we all just learn that PCs are good for some things, and Macs are good for other things. This guy just has pages and pages of articles comparing other operating systems to Windows. He also has racist articles, some of which targetting Muslims.