anyone figure out how he’s doing the new ray of light? Either visual after effects, or maybe the most complicated actionscript ever… ?

it hurts my heart not knowing.

Can you explain what effect you’re talking about? I know “rayOfLight” but I didn’t find an instance of that effect when I went to visit the url www.rayoflight.net.

I don’t know either. But when I went there, I clicked on Spring, and saw an effect that looked a bit like the old effect, but 1000 times better (on the S of Spring). Is that what you meant?

pom :asian:

ok… thanks Pom. I didn’t even click on those links at the top.

That is a very cool remake of the rayoflight. I’m not all that sure how that could be done. Though it was too quick… couldn’t really see it well at that speed. I really liked the shapetweened flowers opening too.

ah well… you knew the master had to remake it better than before. Since my tutorial came out, anyone can do the old one. :wink:

yeah, it was a good tutorial, but I’m thinking that the “man” is keeping this one to himself for awhile, cause that was like… visually amazing…

i wanted to lick it

roflmao… you sound like a person after my own heart. (one of my favorite online expresions is lick)