Referencing other swf movies

Hi there, i’m quite new to flash and actionscript, so hope my questions aren’t too daft.

What it is, i’m loading external swf files into my main movie, but then from with in these loaded movies i want to be able to click a button which references the main movie to tell it to go to the next frame. So i attached the following to the button:

on (release) {

But it’s not working, does this only work with different movieclips within the main movie?

Any help apreciated.

Thank u!

If you’ve loaded a new movie onto another level, then to reference the original movie, you’ll need to include the level number in your dot notation. At the moment, if you’re using _root.gotoAndStop, it thinks you’re talking about the root of the new movie. Try using level0._root.gotoAndStop()…