Reflections in SWFT 3d V3

how can i get a blue sky with clouds to reflect off of an object in SWFT 3d V3?

You have to give that object a reflective material. Just drag and drop a reflective material on it.

Note: If you are using the default lighting (white trackball) when you drop a reflective material on it. The object may turn white. This is because of the intensity of the light and the brightness of the reflective material. Play with the brightness/ambience setting of the material and the color of the light.

how can i get the blue sky in the program in the first place ?

you need to set it up to be an environment.

At the top click setup>>>environment

Select a category to add your environmet to…maybe scenes
click add new environment

name your environment.

select bitmap image from the drop down.

Browse to your image then say ok

Now it should be available to you in environments>>>>scenes tab.

Drag it to a blank space in the view port.

cool, check out what i have so far

anyone know how to design the F22’s with a smoke trail coming out? Anyone have ideas of how to incorporate this into my Flash Footer for KirupaForums?
Any tips would be greatly appreciated:smirk:

you could easily do smoke xf in photoshop. Just import your 3d into ps7 and work your magic. as far as animating it. You could do a smoke sequence in max render and export as png then bring that sequence into flash…but that is the hard way. Not sure man what else. maybe some making technique in flash where you make the smoke look like it is moving. I would add a depth of field D.O.F to this image it would make it look real cool. add a slight gaussian blur to the plane in that nack to make it look like the focus is on the front plane…That would be cool and adds realism

do you think you could play around with it? and show me what you can do? (-:

I wish I had the time…I am up to my neck in projects…sorry…I will lend advice and give critiques tho. Maybe some how to’s also I am pretty good with v3.

I have a good question, if anyone can answer this, you must be pretty good at Swift 3d v3!:smirk: I want to make tank treads, but, how would i make them rotate? Taking into account the rotation motion of a moving tank :). I am thinking about starting a contest on vehicles for Swift 3d v3, what do you think? You can edit with any program, but must make the actual vehicle in Swift =)

Now that would behard since you cannot animate a path. But it is definitely doable. You wil have to have each tread sectioned and move each tread manually. As it gets to the point where it bends you will ahav to move it along the y axis while rotating on the x. It is rather easy but tedious as hell. And boy will the render take forever.

Version 3 won’t export anyways, so i can just forget about it, how about that contest? :bounce:

Oh yeah! i almost forgot, one more question, how do i get the Perspective screen to be larger? I want it in one window, not divided into two windows… And i want it to be as large as possible, is this possible?