Remove "squareness" of an image!

Hi Everyone!

It was a while since I posted in these forums and I need some help removing what I call the “squareness” of an image! I have been in this situation my times and have never really found an tutorial or suggestion on how to accomplish this task! In this case I have a b/w photo with mountains and I’m going to add some other features to it like text but first I want to make the photo “blend” with the paper rather than look like a big block when I print it!

I’ve attached the image! I tried to remove some of the detail which was white to have the paper fill it in and thus blend better! Can someone help me?


why dont you just put a color in the bgrd layer and use a gradient mask to blend your image into the bgrd color of your choice. Then take it to the printer. Otherwise it will be on the expensive side to do this at a print shop although it can be done.

That is if I understand you correctly.

Not sure how to do that! Can you show me?

Let me try to explain, I am not at home so I can’t drop you screen grabs but this is what I think you may want to do:
Open new image: your size by your size
Choose fill and use a color/pattern to fill the layer.
Make a new layer/ open your squary image and drag it onto the new image.
Now, for masking on the with the top layer selected look below and click on the grey box with the little circle on it. This should make a second box on the right of your selected layer.
Your almost there. Click in the newly created little square on the selected layer. you are now modifying the mask, so don’t fear about screwing up your image. hit the “d” key, which will reset your colors. Now when you paint with a brush, you are fading the mask by switching the colors you can repaint the mask. You can adjust brush opacity shape etc…
I will try and redo this with images. Let me know if this makes any sense.

Great I found this after I got carpal tunnel from writing the tut for you.l

different gradient patterns, give you different effects-

this is what DDD said - and i think it is what you are after -

yeah take my, explanation but use a feathered selection, select around your image, the cntrl+shift+i to invert selection. select quick mask mode then fill the selection with black. That will give a better shaped mask. This was a quick explanation you may have to play with it a lil bit.

Or follow the tuts the other guys gave you.

Thanks a lot for all your guys help! I have never used layer masking before, but now I see it’s potential and will definitely use it more often! :slight_smile: