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you need some serious work man.

step 1- design there is no design to the page. objects should reflect eachother. and that fotn has to go.

not trying to be negitive but hey, thats what these forums are for. for you to learn from other peoples criticism

The concept is there and the animation is simple, but yet fun to look at.

All you need now is design a site that’s a bit more clear and easier to use. It was a bit confusing for me since there’s no true navigation system.

i go with EG.

at least you know how to use flash in the animated way.
just sit down take your time, drin some coffee or whatever, and think of a new design. something more standar, with some good menu, and a nice anim.

thank you for the criticism! I’m still thinking of a good design.
I’ve changed some things now
check it out…

You need to clearify what your website is about without the user having to dig through your sections to unravel the mystery.