1 week

i had this program for about a week and with the help of the tutorials on this site i’ve actually made something.

check it out and plz give me ur honest opinion, but by reading these forums ur real honest.


it was pretty good for a week, however (just a fancier word for but), I would try to lose those shape tweens. Increase the frame rate a bit. And I would actually try to do something a little bigger. More advanced. I realize that you are new to this program, however, with a little practice you could turn that little site into something much bigger and better.

btw-> Element boards are the best. My flip, and BL boards broke almost every week, and Blind are too heavy. sorry had to put in my opinion about that.

bl heavier than blind

what exactly should i do, cuz i’m stumped

practice some more of the tutorials, and then once you have a good understanding of them, try to make a bigger better site. I think designing the site is the hardest part. Then once you have the idea, everything starts to flow…

site is comin in, adding a game that i have to get runing smoother, but overall it should be good. screensavers, and some images. I might add some more interactive crap to it, well good eats.TEAMBRONZERULZ

Run smoother = increase frame rate.
Simple equation of Flash.

pom 0]