Rollover buttons and instances

Hi all,
I’m a complete noob, and the last time I really used flash, macromedia owned it.
Now I’m trying to edit a .fla and specifically a menu. The menu is composed of some bitmaps, and parts of the bitmaps are darkened by flash grey rectangles and on mouseover, the rectangle disappears to show a highlight effect. Now, the bitmap also has a text next to each link, which should appear on mouseover, but because the text is part of the bitmap, to do that I need to cheat and add a white rectangle or mass that covers the text on mouseup and disappears when the mouse hovers over to give an ‘appearing’ effect…
I know this is messy, and had I made it, I’d never choose this option, but for the moment it should work, and I’d like to redesign it myself when I get to grips with how all the layers work these days ._o
But the problem I have now is that the grey rectangles which are there for the highlight effect are linked. The first two menu items are not, but then the next 4 are, which means, when I make a mouseup or over change, like add a white rectangle, it adds a white rectangle above all instances of that symbol.

So… :smiley: My question is, how can i ‘break apart’ these symbols, so that I can edit each one individually? I just wannt make a custom white rectangle to create the white space needed for the appearing text effect…

Thanks for considering