Rotating a picture


i need help on something i think most of you would know already… if for example i have a jpeg image of a car how do i make it rotate 360 degrees (like they do when they show off the body of car??) ?? and if i can, is one image enough or do i need a lot of images to make it work?

please reply if you can help me. =)


You’re looking for 3d effect. No matter how you look at it, you will need lots of pictures.

I know of two ways… One is very complicated, the other is less complicated.

  1. take several pictures of the car. This is difficult, because you need to make sure the angle and pitch is correct, that is, if you want to make sure it looks well. Here’s a rudimentary way: put the camera on something with wheels. Draw an oval around the car… try to follow the oval as you take a few pictures. This is painful and very manual

  2. A much better way. Get your video camera. Get FLIX. Have a party!

it’s that complicated huh??

wow! now i admire the people who do setup pages with that type of thing in it.

but il think about it. il see if i can do it.

i guess if that takes so much time to do then il just put up pictures of it in different angles.

thanks again inigo. (how do you do the n~ thing so i won’t ruin your name??) =)


Well, technically, in the movie the use Inigo… although oficially, it should have been Indigo Montoya, or Iñigo Montoya.