Rotating Menu change Values

hi all

still working with the rotating menu,closed other threads.

I am trying to change the values so that I can position correclty but I can’t seem to tweek it?

looking as it rotates the other images get smaller, I think its somewhere within the script that is doing this, I can’t seem to find what is making it do this, is there a way that I can keep them all at the same size apart from the active one?

is this making any sense, i have been changing these values, but not quite working;

circleMenu = new CircleMenu( 500, 17, 12 );
   circleMenu.x = -150;
   circleMenu.y = 300;
   addChildAt( circleMenu, 0 );

I also was looking at these values;

public function get visibleItems():int
return _visibleItems;

public function set visibleItems( value:int ):void
if ( value < 2 ) value = 2;
if ( value / 2 is int ) value += 1;

_visibleItems = value;
_maxOffset = Math.round( value / 2 );

but not quite doing it, any thoughts on whats making it resize when rotates round.

I have attached a folder containing &

many thanks for any help