Just wondering, doesn’t this guy seem just plain annoying. He has posted inflammatory comments throughout the forums and quickly edits them before something happens. Here is one post that I deleted just now:

He has also been a pain in the Test Forum where he was messing around with the footer: (he deleted this thread also)

While I can’t confirm it, but PR has told me that in his Drawing and Design thread,, color_loser has edited posts immediately after having something inflammatory to make it seem like he didn’t do anything wrong.

Should this guy be banned? :slight_smile:

What was his original footer that would annoy Unflux? he is anoying, and i vote ban him, I noticed him b4 and wondered how long it would be before he got banned :slight_smile:

With this dirty habbit and the fact that it doesn’t look like he’ll ever benefit us as a community, I dont see why not :slight_smile:

I don’t like this kid either. Just something about him…

Digital: The footer situation, he first had a custom avatar that said something like “fcker of the earth", and a footer that said something like "fck me fast”. Then he changed both to say “UNFLUCKS” and said that he hopes UNFLUX will like it.

Then he complained because we made him change them.

And yes… I find him incredibly annoying… i’m afraid to even go into a thread where he posts because I don’t want to see the stupidity.

Okie dokey - one ban coming up :stuck_out_tongue: