Scrollbar & external text frustration


I posted a thread earlier
regarding this, and thought it was finished, but now I’m having another–one different enough, I think, to post a new thread.

Here is the website: (click “gallery” for my problem area)

In my flash website, I have an image gallery with buttons along the top for categories, two dynamic text boxes (one for thumbnails, one for image descriptions), and one movieclip (for large images). Clicking a gallery button–for example, “commercial”–will load a list of thumbnails in one text box, and clicking on one of those thumbnails gives the .swf a variable, which actionscript translates as the location of the large image (loaded in the movieclip) and its .txt description (loaded in the other text box).

Sometimes the description text will extend beyond the length of the text box, and sometimes it will not, so I’d like my scrollbar (just two buttons, up and down, inside a movieclip) to show up only when necessary; however, I don’t know how to tell flash to do this since the button being clicked is an HTML-linked JPEG.

The .fla file: (gallery is scene 2)

Associated .txt files:

Thanks for any help you can give me…